Ball Mills

Ball mills reduce the particle size of sample by using impact energy. The energy from the impact of the moving balls beaks down the sample until the final required fineness is achieved. We are able to offer two solutions: the Pulverisette 0 vibratory mill and the Pulverisette 23 mini mill.

Pulverisette 0 Vibratory Ball Mill

The Fritsch Pulverisette 0 ball mill has been specifically designed for the milling and homogenisation of small volumes of material, typically 0.1-10g. The P0 prepares samples, using a combination of impact and friction to reduce even moist and temperature sensitive samples. An electro-magnetically powered mortar generates vibrations, which are transferred to the grinding ball, via the sample material. Adjusting the amplitude frequency of the instrument controls the impact energy of the grinding ball.

Pulverisette 23 Mini Mill

The Fritsch Pulverisette 23 Mini Mill should be used for milling of small quantities of sample material (‹5ml). The oscillation of the grinding bowl (at a high amplitude and frequency) produces particle size reduction in the grinding bowl though a combination of both impact and friction forces on the sample material. As a result, it is possible to achieve both rapid and reproducible grinding of the sample material.