Gerhardt Fibre Equipment Crude Fibre ADF / NDF / Dietary Fibre

Gerhardt supply different system types for crude fibre / ADF / NDF / MADF analysis, and dietary fibre. Fibrebag manual systems or the Fibretherm fully automated System.


All analyses were developed to closely emulate official methods. Multiple extractions of crude fibre can be performed in one beaker, thus saving time and chemicals. The Fibrebag system filtration is much quicker and easier compared to the traditional and even vacuum pumped systems.

Accuracy and precision are improved, and quick filtration gives real time benefits.


A further development of the Fibrebag above was the automation of the crude fibre / ADF / NDF process. As well as automating the chemical additions, rinsing and filtration, increased sample throughput was achieved. Sample precision and reproducibility of analysis is a major benefit of the Fibretherm.

A short presentation video of Fibretherm is now available: