Gerhardt Crude Fibre ADF / NDF Equipment

Gerhardt supply three different system types for crude fibre / ADF / NDF / MADF analysis, Fibrebag Systems, Fibretherm fully automated System and of course the traditional system.


This system of analysis was developed to closely emulate official methods, but allow multiple extractions to be performed in each boiling vessel, thus saving time and chemicals. A bonus of the Fibrebag system was the discovery that filtration became quick and very easy compared to the traditional method.

Accuracy and precision are improved and quick filtration gives real time benefits.


A further development of the Fibrebag above was the automation of the process. As well as automating the chemical additions, rinsing and filtration, increased sample throughput was achieved. Sample precision and reproducibility of analysis is a major benefit of the Fibretherm.

A short presentation video of Fibretherm is now available:


Traditional methods involve digestion of food and feeds in beakers on a hotplate.

After a series of digestions the remainder is filtered and quantified to determine the fibre content. Analytically, the filtration step has usually caused the most difficulty, vacuums occasionally being used to improve speed.

Crude Fibre digestion system RF 16 is supplied either as a 4 or 6-place hotplate, beakers, condensers, filter funnels and funnel support stand.