Analysette 28 Dynamic ImageSizer

The Fritsch Analysette 28 ImageSizer has been specifically designed for the analysis of particle size and shape of: free flowing powders, bulk solids, emulsions and suspensions. The Analysette 28 ImageSizer has a measurement range from 20µm to 20mm for dry measurements and 20µm to 2.8mm for wet measurements.
Using the dynamic image analysis, particle size and shape can be determined, whilst at the same time damaged particles, contaminants, under or oversized particles can be viewed as single images. The duration of the measurement can be specified, depending upon the desired number of images (up to a maximum of 75 images per second) or the number of measured particles.

Key Features of the Fritsch Analysette 28 ImageSizer

  • Variable measuring time, typically <5 minutes.
  • High-performance camera with telecentric lenses.
  • Measurement of powders and suspensions.
  • 5 megapixels for a large measuring range, large and small particles are captured in one image covering a large particle range
  • Integrated image analysis software (ISS) offers easy and flexible evaluation of measuring results
  • Practical report generator for individual presentation of results either as a Cloud, as a cumulative curve, as a bar chart or in a table form
  • Consistent reproducibility due to pixel-precise evaluation for consistent results during quality control
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 13322-2 for dynamic image analysis