• Force Balance Tensiometry

    DataPhysics force balance tensiometry (DCAT line)

    Based on the latest balance technology from Sartorious AG, the DCAT family of dynamic contact angle tensiometers benefit from a combination of maximum precision and the greatest possible stability. It is this balance technology that enables the weight-based determination of contact angle, surface and interfacial tension, critical micelle formation concentration, liquid density, sedimentation and penetration rate and lamella breakpoint (surface elasticity).

    Applicable to both solid and liquid samples, the DCAT range provide crucial data for production support, quality control, and R&D purposes across a vast range of application areas; wherever the physical/chemical interaction at a liquid/liquid or liquid/solid interface is of interest.

    Medical devices, absorbent powders, single fibres and fibre bundles, are candidate solid surfaces for subsequent chemical modification and/or coating.

    Introducing the DataPhysics DCAT 9 automated tensiometer.

    Employing both the Du-Nouy ring and/or the Wilhelmy Plate, the DCAT 9 facilitates the fully automated determination of the surface and interfacial tension of liquids, to a maximum temperature of 130°C.

    In addition, with the use of the appropriate accessories, the density of both solids and liquids can be measured on the same device. The tensiometer is equipped with a high precision electromagnetic compensation weighing system, which allows for automatic or manual (external) calibration, with certified reference weights.

    The manufacturer’s modular approach to both hardware and software will enable us to configure a system to match an individual customers, specific application, requirement to the tightest of budget constraints.

    DCAT 9 - room temperature operation

    DCAT 9T – includes a digital thermometer and liquid temperature control unit

    DCAT 9M – includes, additionally, an internal magnetic stirrer

    Surface/interfacial tension software (SCAT 31), liquid density (SCAT 34) and solid density (SCAT 36) - supplied separately, to the main device, to target only on required application requirement.