Humidity generators.

The Humidity Generator and Controllers HGC 20 and HGC 30 are designed for the automated regulation of the relative humidity, of ambient clean air, for a wide range of applications.

The generators are designed to be easily connectable to any temperature controlled measuring chamber: eg. The DataPhysics OCA and DCAT ranges and/or the whole suite of thermal analysis techniques, such as: TGA, TMA, DSC etc.

The ambient air first flows through the integrated desiccant reservoir. An electronic valve, controlled by the humidity and temperature sensor in the measuring chamber, diverts air the through the heated water reservoir. This then flows through the heated connection tube (for the avoidance of condensation) on its way to the 'application'.

Additional key features include:

  • Stand alone generation of dry air without an external pressurized gas supply.
  • Easy control via touch-screen or optional software.
  • Serial RS 485 or USB interface.
  • Automated drying and regeneration of desiccant by a built-in heating system in two alternatively used desiccant reservoirs (total stored desiccant amount about 1kg).
  • Coloured desiccant for visual Inspection.

The SCH 20 software assists you in the intuitive use of the humidity generator HGC 20 and HGC 30, by controlling the humidity directly in the measuring cell, the defining, execution and save/load of humidity profiles, the collection and evaluation of humidity and temperature data and the easy export of humidity and temperature data.

For more information please refer to the HGV product range