Microscopes and Refractometers

Gerhardt UK Ltd are proud to be a Premium Consulting Partner for Kern Sohn GmbH.

New to Kern this year is a comprehensive range of Kern Optics microscopes and refractometers. From economical versions for schools to high powered tools for research and industry.

Kern Optics have a huge range of microscopes available including compound, stereo, polarising and metallurgical plus a huge range of accessories such as external light sources, cameras and PC interface equipment. Please send us application details and we will recommend the best model for you.

Kern Optics refractometers are available as analogue, digital or ABBE models. Most applications are covered and include sugar, honey, salt, wine, urine, gems, precious stones, pharmaceutical and many others. For more information e-mail us with your application and we will recommend the correct model for you.

Visit www.kern-sohn.de to view the full range of both microscopes and refractometers.