Rapid Nitrogen determination according to Dumas using the Gerhardt Dumatherm Nitrogen / Protein Analyser

DUMATHERM, is a highly efficient, precise and fast alternative to Kjeldahl for the determination of Nitrogen. For most sample matrices, it is a real alternative to Kjeldahl. In the Dumas method, a sample is burned in an oxygen rich atmosphere at high temperature and the resulting gases analysed.

The main product features are:

  • Approximately 30 minute start up time when completely turned off or stand-by mode.
  • Nitrogen results within 5 minutes for all standard sample matrices.
  • Perfect results for samples with low nitrogen content thanks to helium technology and total gas analysis. Easy switch to Argon carrier gas available as standard.
  • Residue free combustion using acid-free and salt resistant catalysts without pyrolysis residues in the analytical system.
  • Simple and total water separation based on condensation traps and a maintenance free gas dryer: also perfect for the liquid samples in food and feed analysis.
  • Minimal easy maintenance required by lab technician as the construction as well as the parts used are extremely user friendly.
  • Fewer consumables needed ensures fast and inexpensive maintenance (Reactors can be replaced during operation).

During each measurement the total amount of nitrogen is analysed with a detection limit of 0.01 mg N absolute. The maximum detectable amount of nitrogen is 50 mg nitrogen from sample weights up to 1g.

The Dumatherm N Pro can be supplied with a choice of a 64 or 100 position autosampler. The sample tray ensures fool-proof balance to autosampler transfer. Loading of the autosampler is also possible during analysis.

Dumatherm is entirely controlled and operated using the controlling software Dumatherm Manager. This software is capable of handling all parameters of the instrument and analysis, documentation function and system diagnosis.