Sieve Shakers

There are two Fritsch A3 sieve shakers, the model PRO and the model SPARTAN. Both models are ideal instruments for determining the particle size distribution of a wide variety of materials using both wet and dry sieving. In addition, the A3 sieve shakers, can easily be converted to be used as a vibratory micro mill for the milling and homogenisation of small amounts (0.1-10g) of material, down to a final fineness of <50μm.

The Fritsch A3 sieve shakers, operate with a magnetic drive in the base of the instrument, which vibrates the sieve stack vertically. The sample material is propelled upwards and as it returns to the mesh of the sieve, it is forced through the openings. The regulated vertical action of the sieve shaker, produces optimum material sizes for sieving and ensures an even distribution over the sieve mesh.

Analysette 3 PRO v Analysette 3 SPARTAN

  Model PRO Model SPARTAN
Dry sieving Yes Yes
Dry sieving maximum sample quantity For sieves <100μm: to 100g
For sieves <63mm: to 1Kg
Dry sieving measurement range 32μm-63mm
Wet sieving Yes
Wet sieving maximum sample quantity 200-1000g
Wet sieving measurement range 20μm-10mm
Micro precision sieving Yes No
Micro precision sieving maximum sample quantity 0.2-0.5g N/A
Micro precision measurement range 5μm-100μm N/A
Amplitude control Automatic Manually
Continuous operation Yes
Intermittent (pause) operation Yes No
Amplitude regulation and control Yes No
Program storage and recall Yes No
RS232 Interface Yes No
Calibration test instrument to ISO: 9001:2000 Yes No
Maximum sieve diameter 200mm
Maximum number of sieves per sieve stack (+pan). 10 x 50mm height
16 x 25mm height
Conversion to the P0 vibratory micro mill Yes
Weight 22Kg
Dimensions w x d x h 37 x 40 x 20