Automated Stability & Ageing Analysis

The DataPhysics Multiscan MS20 automates the analysis of stability and ageing studies of a large variety of colloidal systems in research and development or production control.

The measurement principle; detection of transmitted and back scattered NIR-radiation, provides accurate and reliable characterisation of the time and temperature dependant properties of multiphase systems.

In addition, the MS20 generates information about changes in average particle or droplet size, the relative size distribution, zeta potential and the effective concentration of dispersed phases.

Up to six ‘Scan Towers - ST’ can be attached to the base unit, facilitating time saving and direct comparison operation of different samples or variability studies of the same sample. Scan Tower – ST is supplied as different modules for either direct or remote connection to the MS20 base unit dependent on your application.

MS20 Software is supplied in different modules based on the application. It has the potential to control and measure the following parameters:

  • Time and temperature dependent stability of dispersions and emulsions
  • Sedimentation and creaming characteristics
  • Particle and droplets size distribution in multiphase systems
  • Particle size in emulsions and dispersions
  • Width of the particle size distribution
  • Sedimentation and dispersion stability
  • Coalescence and coagulation phenomena

The MS 20 consists of the base unit with the following technical features:

  • Base unit with six slots for the connection of up to six independent scan towers.
  • Adaptive control of light intensity
  • Measuring and control electronics for digital temperature display and control
  • Barcode scanner for easy and specific sample registration and documentation
  • Integrated touch sensitive screen for basic operation and control of all connected scan towers
  • USB interface to PC system
  • Integrated power supply

For more information please refer to the MS product range